The TeleNeph Solution

TeleNeph’s clinical end-to-end nephrology solution allows rural hospitals to meet the needs of ESRD patients without transferring them to another hospital or turning them away at the door.

TeleNeph collaborates with the hospital. Together, we are one team with one goal – provide the best quality of care while keeping patients local. This is achieved through efficient communication with the patient’s caregivers (nephrologist, dialysis center, and PCP).

For some hospitals, TeleNeph offers a NEW service line that impacts the economics of the community while attaining and retaining high-quality staff.

With TeleNeph, you have all the tools required to deliver quality care to your community:

      • 24/7 access to a licensed/credentialed nephrologist
      • Dialysis machine and supplies
      • Processes, procedures, and competencies for the clinical team
      • Telehealth nephrology platform with medical-grade security (HIPAA, HiTech, Soc-1, CLIA)
      • 24/7 support
      • Configurable workflow to your practice
      • Integration with existing EHRs and other equipment/software
      • Telehealth CART (two-way communication)
      • Communication between the nephrologist, dialysis center, and PCP
      • On-site training
      • CME education for clinical staff
      • Medical Directorship (as needed)

Before we implement our system, we will personally work with your team to build a relationship. TeleNeph is committed to being an integral part of your care team, not “just another remote service provider.”

Do you want to hear directly from the clinical team of a TeleNeph client about their experience? We would love to connect you.

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