“I quickly learned that because of the advancement in dialysis equipment, delivering this care can be simple. Having a nephrologist available 24/7 for quick consults also eased my fears.”
– Chief Nursing Officer, Arizona

It’s Time to for All Hospitals to Become ESRD Friendly

The reality is, ESRD patients live in your community, and they deserve to receive care at your hospital versus in the next county. At TeleNeph, our clinical team will work with you hand-in-hand and on-site when needed. We will collaborate with you to co-develop work processes while helping you implement protocols that have been clinically proven at other hospitals. Every hospital is unique, so we will work with you to ensure our procedures align perfectly with your existing workflow.

When you are set up to deliver dialysis to ESRD patients, you are allowing those patients to stay close to home with their support system – their friends and family. You are also strengthening your hospital’s financial picture by opening the door to new opportunities to provide care to patients who previously had to travel miles away.

TeleNeph utilizes dialysis technology that is similar to what existing ESRD patients use in their homes. The dialysis equipment is easy to set-up and wipe down after treatments, and includes a simple interface screen that is user-friendly. Even with these technological advantages, TeleNeph will continue to provide 24/7 access to a nephrologist, ensuring your questions are answered quickly.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to dialysis, it’s a new world. Patients and their families are regularly using home dialysis systems. Soon, nearly every hospital will have dialysis capabilities. You can lead the way in delivering care locally!