Patient Story

The need for nephrology care at rural hospitals is a real issue for patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD), like Manuel. Manuel and his wife live in rural Colorado on a small farm that has been in their family for three generations. As Manuel gazes at his farmland, the same land his father and grandfather cultivated, he realizes no one truly appreciates the land and its history as he does. The family farm is his livelihood, and for that reason, he can’t leave his life in rural Colorado, though it has its challenges due to his ESRD.  When an emergency happens, like a broken bone or appendicitis, his local hospital doesn’t have a nephrologist or dialysis machine to properly care for him, forcing him to travel to a hospital over 60 miles away.

Because emergencies happen unexpectedly, you should have the option to receive care locally at a hospital that’s minutes away, not miles away.

If your rural hospital isn’t offering nephrology services, contact us. TeleNeph can help you provide care to patients like Manuel, ensuring your community’s healthcare needs are met with the highest quality care.