Hospital Executives

“Working with an experienced nephrologist, Dr. Sahani, we can provide care for our ESRD community. We’re helping members of our community get their care locally, keeping their healthcare dollars in our community, too.”
– Rural Hospital CEO


How many patients in your community have ESRD? And how many of them are driving to other hospitals in nearby cities receive care?

We will provide you with a free market analysis for nephrology care in your area to help you determine if a solution like TeleNeph is right for your hospital. We want to ensure our solution helps your community and benefits you financially.

Our evaluation begins by determining the number of ESRD patients in your county and how often they are hospitalized – on average, ESRD patients are hospitalized twice a year. With that in mind, we’ll look at the top 10 diagnoses for ESRD patients admitted to the hospital, determine if it aligns with your team’s competency, and examine the financial impact it will have for your hospital to care for these patients. Finally, we’ll create a pro forma with you to decide on the next steps.

This is all done in collaboration with your clinical team: your CFO, lead clinicians, nurses, and anyone else with valuable insights to contribute. TeleNeph delivers a comprehensive clinical solution that provides a substantial benefit for the hospital, the community providers, and the patients.

Contact us today for your complimentary market analysis.