The TeleNeph Solution


The TeleNeph Solution

TeleNeph was founded to provide nephrologists with a single telehealth application to improve patient care and improve provider efficiency. TeleNeph’s technology solution allows for a single sign-on to obtain access to the patient, a specialist, clinical information, and/or data.

The nephrology provider community is increasingly challenged to be at the right place at the right time and have access to all necessary patient information in real time. This includes the office, hospital, acute centers, dialysis centers, home, and while in transit. This challenge is more difficult now because of:

    • Fewer nephrology fellow graduates
    • Increasing call requirements
    • Increasing patient clinical complexity
    • Increasing volume of patient monitoring requirements
    • Increasing volume of patient medication management


TeleNeph was designed to provide a nephrology-focused technology application that is simple to implement and simple to use for providers and patients.

Transforming the Nephrology Community