About TeleNeph

TeleNeph provides a fully tested nephrology-only solution with a simple implementation and a frictionless experience for providers and their patients. Its specialty-specific solution works in a variety of settings – inpatient, dialysis centers, transplant care, population management, home visits and access centers – and drives a variety of impacts, including:

    • Improved patient experience
    • Increased professional workforce utilization
    • Decreased hospitalizations

Functional Challenges in Care Delivery

The Nephrology Community often point to functional challenges in care delivery, which TeleNeph tackles head on:

    • Increase revenue opportunities
    • Develop efficiency strategies and solutions
    • Develop outpatient strategies to better coordinate complex CKD, ESRD and transplant care management
    • Better manage inpatient coverage

Integrated and Seamless Cloud-Based Solution

TeleNeph’s cloud-based solution integrates directly into the provider’s existing delivery system without any capital expenditures. In just 2 business days, TeleNeph connects its solution to access and coordinate with the practice’s:

    • Existing EHR
    • Rx ordering system
    • Provider availability and administration system
    • Tech support
    • Medical-grade security

Within the TeleNeph operating environment, the provider can store all patient cases, access modality work lists, review pending cases, show searchable completed and reviewed cases, leverage a customer contact database, view images and other optional services such as credentialing and managed services.